The Group

The Polti group works to create innovative household appliances in harmony with nature.

Since 1978 we have taken care of your homes and families by developing and producing innovative and high-quality appliances, respecting nature and the environment.
Born from the intuition of the Founder, Franco Polti, today Polti is an international company with more than 250 employees and is in over 50 countries all over the world with subsidiaries and distributors.
The headquarters is in Italy, in the town of Bulgarograsso, near Como.

Polti in the world


Most of our products are designed, produced and assembled in Italy in the production facility based in Bulgarograsso. This allows us to offer high-quality solutions optimising cost and reducing the impact on the environment.

Polti is in over 50 countries.

The Brand history

The Polti brand described through the most important steps of the company.

The brand and logo were inspired by a particular and significant episode in the Polti history: the safety cap. A patent that made the difference compared with competitors' products in terms of innovation and foresight. "Natural" expresses the simplicity of a world to live in, respecting both people and the environment. "Home feeling" is the feeling that refers to Italian families, their values, and their spontaneity.


Respect for the environment and sustainability are the basis of Polti products.

RENEWABLE ENERGY: The photovoltaic installation on the roof of our production facility allows us to meet more than 40% of all the company’s energy requirements.

CONSUMPTION REDUCTION: We search for solutions to desigh products that offer better performance and lower energy consumption.

RECYCLABLE MATERIALS: In the production of packaging and components we select recyclable materials to ensure appropriate disposal and recovery.