The effectiveness of steam:

clean and sanitise naturally


For daily cleaning, steam offers incredible advantages: not only can you deep clean naturally and with no effort with just the power of steam, but you can also avoid touching and breathing chemical detergents.

When steam is used as a cleaning method, you protect your health, prevent allergies and respect the environment, sanitising naturally without harming the planet.

Why is steam so effective for cleaning and sanitising?

The high pressure and high temperature steam is able to effectively remove and dissolve dirt and eliminate bacteria, germs and dust mites, all with results that last longer. Free from minerals and any electrical conductivity, 120°C steam neutralises the static charge on dust particles. Thanks to the high temperature, the steam loosens and dissolves dirt, freeing and capturing all its particles: grease, allergens and dust mites. In addition, with steam you can dramatically reduce water consumption. With 1 litre of water you can produce around 1,000 litres of steam!


How Vaporetto and Vaporetto Lecoaspira work

The results guaranteed by Vaporetto and Vaporetto Lecoaspira are based on this principle: steam at the right temperature and the right pressure. Neutral steam at 120°C with a pressure between 3 and 6 bar makes it possible to sanitise all the surfaces in your home. The effectiveness of Polti steam is demonstrated by the seal of approval awarded by the British Allergy Foundation.

Why is ironing effortless and faster with Vaporella?

Steam also takes care of your clothing: dry, powerful and with greater pressure it passes through the fibres (even multiple layers) and immediately removes creases. The secret behind Vaporella results is in the quality of the steam: a constant flow and high power mean you can perfectly iron even the most delicate items in just one pass. The higher steam pressure provided through the Vaporella soleplate is obtained through holes concentrated at the tip of the plate that focus the steam jet and make it more powerful. In this way, the area with the holes removes creases as the steam is injected into the fabric, while the rest of the soleplate ensures the creases don't return. So when you use Vaporella the ironing is done in half the time and with less effort.