The effectiveness of steam:

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The effectiveness of Polti Vaporella

Polti Vaporella: steam effectiveness

The tests and results on effectiveness are shown below



Evaluation of the virucidal effectiveness (SARS-CoV2) of dry steam
Laboratory Eurofins Biolab - Vimodrone (MI) – Italy

Considering that:

  • The SARS-CoV2 virus - according to the published information - has similar heat-sensitive properties to other Coronaviruses;
  • Thermosensitive viruses are completely deactivated in a few seconds at very high temperatures, for example from 150° to 160 C due to the heat and the deactivation speed for each log is minimal, quantifiable as about 0.1 seconds;
  • Coronaviruses are completely deactivated within one minute at 80°C from the heat generated by dry steam and the log inactivation speed is approximately 10 seconds;
  • The viral load of Coronavirus can be partially reduced within one minute at 65°C from the heat generated from dry steam;

It can be said that the steam treatment of Polti equipment must be considered effective in completely deactivating the SARS-CoV2 virus at a temperature of 80°C or higher. With the very high temperatures that can be reached by Polti Vaporella high pressure boilers and Polti Vaporella steam generators, deactivation is effective in very short exposure times (a few seconds).

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