Kit of 6 Sockettes Vaporetto PAEU0282

Kit of 6 Sockettes Vaporetto PAEU0282

Collect dirt easily for a cleaner, steam cleaned home

Kit composed of 6 sockettes designed to collect dirt dissolved during steam cleaning. Can be used to clean mattresses, armchairs, sofas, car interiors, cabinet doors and furniture.

  • 6 cotton sockettes
  • Ideal for cleaning upholstery
  • Machine-washable

Compatible with: Vaporetto SV450, Vaporetto SV440, Vaporetto Diffusion, Vaporetto Lux, Vaporetto Smart Airplus, Vaporetto Smart 30_R, Vaporetto Smart 30_S, Vaporetto Handy Pure, Vaporetto Handy 25_Plus, Vaporetto Handy 20, Vaporetto Handy 15, Vaporetto Go, Vaporetto Pocket 2.0, Vaporetto Comfort Silver, Vaporetto Comfort Red, Vaporetto One, Vaporetto XSteam.

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Features Kit of 6 Sockettes Vaporetto PAEU0282

Kit of 6 Vaporetto sockettes thorough cleaning


The sockettes are attached to the small brush for cleaning fabrics and upholstery: the steam dissolves the stains and the cotton fabric of the sockette absorbs and collects the dirt.

Kit of 6 Vaporetto sockettes clean the whole house


With the use of the sockette you can also steam clean hard surfaces such as counter tops, cabinets doors and doors, for maximum hygiene in every room.

Kit of 6 Vaporetto cotton sockettes


The sockette in soft cotton can be machine washed.

Kit of 6 Vaporetto sockettes - compatibility


Compatible with:
Vaporetto Diffusion
Vaporetto First
Vaporetto Lux
Vaporetto Smart Airplus
Vaporetto Smart 30_R
Vaporetto Smart 30_S
Vaporetto Handy Pure
Vaporetto Handy 25_Plus
Vaporetto Handy 20
Vaporetto Handy 15
Vaporetto Go
Vaporetto Pocket 2.0
Vaporetto Comfort Silver
Vaporetto Comfort Red
Vaporetto One
Vaporetto XSteam
Vaporetto Lux

Technical specifications Kit of 6 Sockettes Vaporetto PAEU0282

  • Sockette composition

    100% Cotton

  • Package dimensions (LxWxH)

    32,5 x 12,5 x 6 cm

  • Weight

    0,100 kg

  • Product code