Steam Mop Vaporetto PAEU0263

Steam Mop Vaporetto PAEU0263

A professional accessory for household cleaning

Steam Mop PAEU0263 is an accessory to be used exclusively in combination with Vaporetto which lets you clean all horizontal (floors and ceilings) and vertical flat surfaces (walls, windows, etc.). The flexible joint lets you reach the most difficult spots. Contents:

  • 1 Steam Mop
  • 1 microfibre cloth for smooth surfaces
  • 1 microfibre cloth for rough surfaces

Compatible with the Vaporetto 90_TURBO, ECO Pro 3.0 and Classic 65 models.

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Features Steam Mop Vaporetto PAEU0263

Steam Mop Vaporetto -Brush detail

For more thorough cleaning

Steam Mop is fitted with an anodised aluminium telescopic tube which allows an extension from 114 to 153.5 cm, it also has a handle with hook for parking.
The anodised aluminium plate with special inserts to hold the cloth, has a steam chamber with 16 holes for effective steam emission.

Steam Mop Vaporetto - detail of use on tiles

Convenient to use.

The brush has a lock for cleaning vertical surfaces and ceilings which makes it very practical. Added to this is the double steam activation button: the steam comes out when the brush presses on a surface to avoid wastage of water and accidental vaporisation.

Steam Mop Vaporetto - cleaning narrow spaces

Reaches the most difficult corners

With Steam Mop you can clean easily under the bed or in narrow spaces in the bathroom right up to the fixtures.

Steam Mop Vaporetto


Compatible with all Vaporetto models:
Pro 90_TURBO
ECO Pro 3.0
Classic 65
Vaporetto Forever Exclusive
Vaporetto ECO PRO 3000
Vaporetto Evolution
Vaporetto Edition
Vaporetto 2085

and with all models fitted with a removable hose with connector as shown in the image

Technical specifications Steam Mop Vaporetto PAEU0263

  • Package dimensions (LxWxH)

    73 x 24 x 13 cm

  • Weight

    2,25 kg

  • EAN


  • Product code



Instruction manual

Learn everything about the product, download the pdf