La Vaporella range
Polti La Vaporella steam generator iron with boiler

From 1978 to the future

La Vaporella - dal 1978 al futuro

The original. Since 1978.

The history of Polti Vaporella began in 1978, with an idea and with the aim of making an appliance previously reserved for professional use available for practical and daily use in the home. Vaporella conquered houses all over the world, revolutionized ironing habits and became synonymous with the product category over the years. An iron with a boiler is a Polti, it is a Polti Vaporella. A recognizable signature, the strength of a product that has not only been preserved over time but has continually improved. After 40 years of history, of projects and evolutions, Polti La Vaporella is born today, the iron with a boiler with cutting-edge technology that does not give up simplicity and ease of use. The future of ironing, following the tradition.

Innovative no calc longlife boiler technology

Long life to the boiler, without maintenance

10 year warranty * against limestone attacks on the boiler system and no maintenance required.The high pressure boiler of Polti La Vaporella with innovative NO CALC LONGLIFE TECHNOLOGY prevents the negative effects of limescale for a longer life without maintenance. The special internal design - scale catching device and anti scale filter - catches even the smallest limescale particles and protects the active boiler components for longer so that no maintenance is needed. Moreover, the special aluminum alloy neutralizes the effects of tap water impurities.


Ironing has never been so simple, immediate and intuitive.

The innovative multidirectional curved soleplate with antiscratch coating allows perfect results in one pass. The special curved shape allows you to iron easily in all directions, even backwards, avoiding the formation of creases, for excellent smoothness even around obstacles such as buttons, collars and pockets. The optimal smoothness of the iron is also guaranteed by the exclusive channels on the plate and by the double ceramic coating that allows a uniform distribution of the steam; Furthermore the great precision tip reaches even the most difficult areas and easily smoothes even the most stubborn creases thanks to the concentration of steam. The LED indicators on the handle of the iron show you immediately what stage of ironing you are at.

La Vaporella - stiro no stress!

Zero stress and ironing becomes a pleasure.

Polti La Vaporella is designed for you. For your commitments, for daily runs, to make ironing a pleasure and not just a duty. With the preset ironing programs, the smart iron automatically sets the steam pressure and the soleplate temperature to appropriately iron each fabric. With Polti La Vaporella you can iron even when you have little time, ready in 2 minutes, with the Universal program you have the perfect adjustment whatever garment you need to iron. And for the most stubborn creases and heavier fabrics, the turbo program becomes "the trump card" to eliminate them permanently.

Polti La Vaporella ensures comfort: with the steam pulse function, the steam will automatically be emitted at regular intervals, without pressing the steam button continuously, reducing stress on the fingers and wrists. Also good for ironing vertically or to give a quick retouch to jackets or dresses. The convenience of use is also given by the removable tank that allows easy and quick filling at any time and from the removable iorn rest mat, designed to stand the iron where it is most convenient.

Reliable, powerfull and intelligent: it's Polti La Vaporella!

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