E-Cloth dusting mop head

E-Cloth dusting mop head

The E-Cloth Deep Clean Mop Head is suitable for every kind of floor, as well as for vertical surfaces.

Perfect to trap dust, hair, animal hair or cobwebs. Easy attachment system: attaches with Velcro to the Moppy plate.

Compatible with Moppy, the new cordless cleaning solution with hot steam and no detergents.

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Features E-Cloth dusting mop head

E-Cloth window pack


The Dusting Mop Head, applied to the Moppy’s plate through its easy attachment system, is quicker and lighter than a vacuum cleaner and will give a perfect finish to all floors including laminate, stone, tiles and wood. The fibres are designed to pick up and hold dust and loose dirt, ideal before cleaning with the Deep Clean Mop Head.

General purpose cloth


E-Cloths perform better, last longer and save money compared to a disposable dust catching cloth; they can be washed 300 times at 90°. They have a 3 year guarantee.

Technical specifications E-Cloth dusting mop head

  • Package dimensions (LxWxH)

    11.5 x 19 cm

  • Weight

    0,070 kg

  • Product code