Vaporella Express
Polti Vaporella Express steam generator iron

Fast, modern, technological

Vaporella Express VE30.20 - VE30.10

Express in results

Polti Vaporella Express is the evolution of traditional irons because it offers the advantage of a longer working autonomy thanks to the large 1.6 L tank and a greater quantity of steam. Save time while ironing.


One temperature for all fabrics

Forget unnecessary waste of time due to the separation of clothes based on fabric or possible burns on clothes. Thanks to the ONE TEMPERATURE technology with Polti Vaporella Express you can iron all fabrics saving time and effort and without adjusting the temperature.


Everything at your fingertips

All the DIGITAL SETTINGS are on the iron grip: select the programs and functions of the machine with maximum ease, saving time. The ceramic easy-glide soleplate and the holes distributed over the entire surface allow you to easily iron all the garments and the vertical parking feature of the iron allows you to stand it vertically while you are ironing. The powerful steam boost also penetrates deeply into the fabrics and irons them easily, so you can iron even the most resistant and stubborn creases with simplicity and speed.

vaporella Express - COMPACT

The product you are looking for, modern and compact

If you have space problems at home, Polti Vaporella Express is right for you: light and compact, but at the same time modern and technological. Easy to transport thanks to the practical handle and the iron lock, it is also ideal to store easily even in a small space. Ready in less than 1 minute, it allows you to iron for a long time without interruption thanks to unlimited autonomy and a large 1.6L tank.

Vaporella Express - Eco function

Vaporella Express is good for the environment

With the ECO function of Polti Vaporella Express, both the ironing result and the reduced impact on the environment are guaranteed: this saves 26% of energy and 31% of water.

* Consumption in% in ECO mode compared to MAX function.

Vaporella Express - calc cleaning

Long life machine, with calc cleaning

Keep the performance and the efficiency of Polti Vaporella Express over time by regularly performing the Calc Cleaning system to easily remove limescale: thus ensuring better steam delivery.

Polti Vaporella Express: fast, modern, technological!

Vaporella Express VE30.20
Vaporella Express - VE30.10