Vaporella Next
Polti Vaporella Next steam iron with boiler

Power, performance and
precision for top results


Powerful and fast, designed for quick ironing

Italian design, modern and compact: Polti Vaporella Next is a combination of power, performance and precision for top performance. It's the new iron designed in Italy that lets you iron all fabrics extremely quickly and easily thanks to the powerful boiler with unlimited autonomy and the pump.


Iron without stress with the innovative patented soleplate

To offer a quick and effective solution to ironing all fabrics, Polti Vaporella Next has an innovative 360 ° FLUID CURVE technology soleplate in aluminium with double ceramic coating that guarantees excellent results: the rounded shape of the edges allows you to iron easily in all directions, even backwards, effortlessly smoothing the most difficult fabrics to be ironed and also navigating obstacles such as buttons, collars and pockets. The precision tip reaches the most difficult areas and easily smoothes even the most stubborn creases thanks to the concentration of steam, the channels on the soleplate evenly distribute the steam for ironing without stress.

Funzione turbo

Boiler is synonymous with power and performance

For steam irons with boilers, steam power is synonymous with performance, and so is Vaporella Next. The powerful boiler up to 6 bar pressure and the 15 bar pump allow this product to reach up to 120 g / min to easily iron all fabrics and save time. The turbo function has a strong and powerful boost that can be used to stretch heavier fibers and fabrics, such as linen, while with the Steam Pulse function - intermittent steam coming out automatically - you can steam without pressing the button continuously: technology makes life easier.


Compact design for easy ironing

The simple yet modern lines of this Italian-designed product, make it extremely compact and easy to handle. The 1.3 L water tank lets you iron for a long time without refilling. Thanks to unlimited autonomy, you can add water at any time during ironing, without interruption. Easy to store with the practical hooks for the steam hose, the iron lock system and the ability to carry it with the handle


ECO function to save water and electricity

The ECO function of Vaporella Next lets you reduces the consumption* of energy (-29%) and water (-26%), guaranteeing efficiency and performance during ironing.

**Consumption in % in TURBO mode compared to ECO mode.


Long life to the boiler, with calc cleaning!

Extend and preserve the life of your Polti Vaporella Next with the Calc Cleaning boiler function. By periodically and quickly performing the cleaning operations using the convenient side access, protect your iron from limescale deposits, increasing its efficiency and ensuring its performance over time.

Polti Vaporella Next: top results for everyone!

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