Vaporella ferro da stiro
Polti Vaporella ferro da stiro a vapore

From 1978 to the future

Vaporella: your steam generator iron with boiler

Polti Vaporella: your steam generator iron with boiler

A constantly evolving classic

Offering to everybody the quality of a professional iron without sacrificing the convenience of a domestic appliance for everyday use was the idea of Franco Polti who, in 1978, created Vaporella, the first steam iron with separate boiler for domestic usage. In 40 years of history, design and evolution, Polti Vaporella has won over consumers all over the world, with the quality of steam generated by the boiler, that allows ironing faster and effortlessly. A cult product that has been continuously improved to meet the needs of those who use it in everyday life. Today, with La Vaporella, Polti brings the future of ironing into all homes.

Caldaia Vaporella

Perfect ironing with Polti Vaporella's steam

The heart of Polti Vaporella is the high pressure boiler with pump, a system able to generate high power constant steam to ensure extraordinary ironing results. The pressure of the steam generated in the boiler penetrates the fibres of the fabric, smoothing them out and making the movement of the iron over the fabric faster and more effective. With the steam produced by Polti Vaporella you can iron several layers of fabric at the same time, so that it's faster to iron sheets and tablecloths. It is also possible to iron vertically (jackets, coats, hanging curtains).

Vapore ferro da stiro Vaporella

Less effort, more results with the Polti Vaporella soleplate.

The Polti Vaporella soleplate brings the special feature of having the holes concentrated at the tip to allow a more powerful and concentrated steam output, rapidly penetrating the fabric and instantly eliminating creases, while the rest of the soleplate sets the pressed fabric and dries it. A feature that has always distinguished the Polti Vaporella soleplate and that, in the new La Vaporella range, remains the hallmark of a patented and innovative plate.

Piastre per ferro da stiro Vaporella

The right soleplate for your needs

Ironing isn't the same for everyone. Polti knows about ironing needs and that's why it offers a range of irons and soleplates with different features. Polti La Vaporella with its innovative 360 ​​° fluid curve technology soleplate in scratch-resistant aluminum, guarantees perfect results in a single pass: the rounded edges of the soleplate allow ironing in all directions without difficulty and overcome obstacles; the special groove and the double coating ceramic facilitate optimal distribution of the steam and therefore a perfect smoothness of the iron to iron without effort. Aluminum is also used for our traditional professional irons, a hallmark of the Polti Vaporella range. This material has the advantage of distributing the heat evenly all over the soleplate, whilst the high gauge soleplate presses on the creases and helps to smooth them out faster. The iron with a stainless steel, scratch-resistant soleplate lets you iron fabrics rapidly and safely while the super slide ceramic coating offers an even lighter gliding movement for exceptionally comfortable ironing.

Modelli ferro da stiro Vaporella

Choose the technology which best meets your needs

Polti Vaporella models with unlimited working autonomy are suitable for those used to ironing for many hours without interruption. When the water runs out you can pour more into the tank without waiting and the pump will transfer it to the boiler. The Polti Vaporella models with safety cap are recommended for users who iron frequently but for short periods (max 2 hours). The water is poured directly into the boiler and the safety cap prevents any leaks or opening until there is only minimum pressure present. Generally speaking steam generator irons with safety caps are quieter and more compact than those using other technologies but they take a bit longer to heat up and get ready.